A comprehensive overview of Windows 11 22H2, the OSs first big yearly update

Over time, we see Windows 11 becoming a true major version upgrade, rather than just an iterative one with some half-baked changes. We’ll be tracking the changes and the progress Windows 11 makes as time passes, so stay tuned for more. Don’t upgrade to Windows 11 if you really like Windows 10 — Windows 11 changes quite a few things that may be annoyances to those that love Windows 10 as it is. The inability to move/resize the taskbar, the new Start menu, the removal of Tablet Mode, Timeline, and more may make Windows 11 a tough upgrade from Windows 10.

  • If your computer’s motherboard does not support UEFI, you need to replace the Driversol motherboard with one that does.
  • You can use this tool with the ‘Windows + Shift + S’ command.
  • After the flashing process is complete, download a Registry file from here.

If you do this, you’ll be able to set up a local account instead of a Microsoft one. If you cannot enter the administrator account because you forgot its password, you will have to reset it to regain access. To do that, you’ll first need to create a password reset disk. Windows 10 has two built-in accounts, Administrator and Guest, which don’t have passwords assigned.

If you like the image, you can finally save it as a screenshot. The Xbox Game Bar capture tool — Press the Windows key + G to summon the Xbox Game Bar. Click the camera icon in the Capture window to capture a screenshot of the active window, or the full screen in case of no active windows. You can also start a capture with the current settings by pressing the PrtScn button , which is the default global capture hotkey. As with the first screenshotting technique we went over, this method captures the screenshot and adds it to your clipboard.

How to Take a Screenshot in Windows 10 with ActivePresenter

At the June 24 media event, Microsoft also announced that Windows 11 would be released in “Holiday 2021”. Its release will be accompanied by a free upgrade for compatible Windows 10 devices through Windows Update. On June 28, Microsoft announced the release of the first preview build and SDK of Windows 11 to Windows Insiders. The first major update for Windows 11 arrived in February 2022, adding several new features.

Of course, this makes your device less secure, but if you’re willing to accept that risk, here’s how to make it happen. Logoff, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete on your Windows 10 Welcome Screen, and check the local account list. Once you complete these steps, your Windows 10 account will be disconnected from your Microsoft account.

This build fixes a bug that occurs when you attempt to reset a Windows device and its apps have folders that contain reparse data, such as Microsoft OneDrive or OneDrive for Business. When you select Remove everything, files that have been downloaded or synced locally from OneDrive might not be deleted. There are two known issues in this update, one in which after installing the update, some .NET Framework 3.5 apps might have issues or might fail to open.

Setting up Windows Hello

You can drag to choose the precise area of your screenshot you would like to capture. This step is quite handy and saves you from using image editing software to resize your screenshots after capturing. To capture your entire screen and automatically save the screenshot, press the Windows key + [Link] PrtScn button to take a screenshot of the entire screen on your computer. Your screen will go dim to indicate that you’ve just taken a screenshot, and the screenshot of your entire screen will be saved to the screenshot folder on your PC/laptop. This is an excellent option if you just want to capture a screen of a single window.

In the first week of October 2021, Microsoft officially rolled out the stable build of Windows 11. All new products released after the unveiling will run Windows 11 right out of the box, and Windows 10 users, too, are allowed to make the jump to the latest version of Windows OS for free. When you see “The operation completed successfully” in the interface, it means you have turned off Hyper-V successfully. You can restart your computer and go back to use LDPlayer.

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